A French surprise at Coeure de Beurre

The delicate French patisserie, the smell of butter and a warm smile welcomed me at Coeur de Beurre.

Coeur de Beurre Strijp-S

This cute patisserie is hidden right across the Vershal at Strijp-S. Zoé turned the small space into a cute and cosy bakery where you can enjoy tartelettes, eclairs and a nicely filled crepe as lunch. The cute pottery used to be from her grandmother, which made it even more special for me.

Zoé is a real Frenchy and I admire the way she pronounces the names of the pastries that she displayed on the counter and showcase. I tried the tartelette with raspberries and it was nice and crunchy but also soft and sweet from the raspberries and almonds.

If you’re having trouble deciding which one to go for, you can always try a few. This way you can discover new flavours without being scared of wasting money. But you don’t have to worry, each pastry looks and smells amazing. So pick one and enjoy the French patisserie!

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