The amazing platters from Anne & Max

It doesn’t matter if you’re craving sweets, want a nice breakfast or need some wine. The shared platters from Anne & Max are amazing!

Their breakfast and lunch platters are filled with fresh bread, yoghurt, orange juice, cheese, avocado, eggs with (vegan) bacon and amazing chunks of Hagelswag. You better be hungry when you order this, because it’s a lot!

But ofcourse the high tea platter or high wine platter aren’t less fun. The high tea platter is filled with cakes, scones, chocolates and sandwiches. My personal favourite were the scones. Fluffy, a bit crunchy and mixed with the clotted cream and jam it’s a combination from heaven.

But the high wine platter is just as good. Fresh cheeses, nuts and an amazing picaccia. What is that you might wonder? It’s a mix of pizza and focaccia. Topped with pickled onions, arugula and tomato sauce. It’s amazing!

So you’re warned. If you try these platters, you will come back!

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